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About Debbie Harrison...

Debbie, entered the world of agility back in 1992 with her first Dalmatian, "Autumn."  Since then she has loved, trained and competed with another Dalmatian, 2 Jack/Parson Russell Terriers and 3 Border Collies in the following disciplines with the noted titles & accomplishments:

          AKC agility - MACH 2 & MACH 4, multiple qualifications & attendance at AKC Agility Nationals
          CKC agility - AG.MX's, first Dalmatian & Jack Russell Terrier to achieve this title
          UKC agility - UACHX's, first Dalmatian & Jack Russell Terrier to achieve this title, with multiple
            HIGH IN TRIALS
          NADAC agility - NATCH's, first Dalmatian to achieve this title & be invited to the North American
            Agility Nationals and place 2nd overall
          USDAA agility - MAD
          CPE agility - CATCH's, first Dalmatian & Jack Russell Terrier to achieve this title
          AKC/CKC/UKC Obedience - CDX's
          Rally Obedience (AKC) - RE's (Rally Excellent)
          Flyball, - FDGCH's
          Earthdog - ME (Master Earthdog)
          Conformation - AKC Ch
             UKC GrCh with:
                 2 Best in MultiBreed Show, 1 Best in Terrier Group
                 19 Best of Breeds
          3 UKC Total Dog Awards (2 at the UKC Premier)
          2001 - #1 Top Ten Point earning JRT, went on to win Top 10 competition to become the #1
            Jack Russell Terrier for 2001
          For a total of over 300 (and growing) titles!

Actually her Dalmatian, "Dallas," and Parson/Jack Russell, "Houston" are each the most titled dogs in the history of their respective breeds, with over 100 titles each.  Houston has also been recognized by the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America as a Versatility Champion and he was the first dog inducted into the PRTAA Agility Hall of Fame.

These titles may serve to represent the joyous, interactive and FUN relationship Debbie has with each of her dogs.  This is also demonstrated by the dog's work ethic, speed and genuine desire to team with Debbie in whatever dogsport they are training or trialing.  Debbie believes that relationship value & relationship building are key building blocks in a solid training program.

Debbie obviously enjoys training dogs in multiple dogsports and disciplines!  Her goal is to build a dog handler team (with her own dogs and for her students) that is confident, communicating, connected and collaborative.  This is achieved via positive reinforcement training and techniques coupled with motivation/drive, enthusiasm, understanding, clarification, and most of all FUN!!!  She enjoys working with all breeds/types of dogs and analyzing the training methods/techniques that most benefit each dog, handler and dog/handler team.

Debbie has attended numerous Clean Run Agility Camps and trained/studied agility with Linda Mecklenburg, Nancy Gyes, Ann Braue, Karen Holik, Julie Daniels, Stacy Peardot Goudy, Stuart Mah and Pati Hatfield Mah, Jen Pinder, Wendy Pape, Dana Pike, Steve Frick, Webb Anderson and Jeff & Chris Bolton (from England).  Debbie considers continuing education in the field a must and continues to annually attend multiple seminars/conferences/workshops, etc. to stay updated on the latest training methods and techniques that could benefit her students and their canine partners.  Debbie has also been invited and has attended the AKC World Agility Team practices the last 3 years - which represent the highest level of agility "think tank" on techniques, maneuvers and course analysis available. Debbie has also studied with Patricia Whalen Scott, Maria Duthie and Debbie Gross Saunders to explore the advantages and positive effects of canine massage and balance/core strengthening, on agility training and performance. 

Debbie is a certified Agility Instructor from Julie Daniels' White Mountain Agility School.

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