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Helping Build Stronger Relationships 734.751.0061 7275 Joy Road Dexter, Michigan 48130
With Debbie, You Can Have FUN Learning...

                                                        Fundamentals for Obedience (Puppies & Adult Dogs)
                                                        Foundations/Fundamentals for Agility Teamwork
                                                        Agility Sequencing/Handling - ALL Levels
                                                        Specialized Agility Skill Classes -- Learning & Mastery
                                                        Rally Obedience

Debbie Harrison will help  you develop a clear, consistent,
and timely handling system, that is also appropriate
to your dog's skill level, path, and position.
This combination leads to a  well connected partnership
between you and your dog.

For more information...

Call 734.646.7695
Email Deb@AgilitySynergy.com
Phone 734.646.7695 Email Deb@AgilitySynergy.com
Photo by Cathy Winkles
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